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The Town of Chisec is located in the Municipality of Chisec (same name) and is located in the north eastern part of the Department of Alta Verapaz. The municipality is 1,488 square kilometers. The Town of Chisec is 294 kilometers from the Capital City of Guatemala. The road is all paved now and will it is an approximate 4 ˝ to 5 hours drive to the Town of Chisec. The Town of Chisec is hot and humid. The average annual rain fall varies between 1,580 to 2.070 mm distributed between 150 to 175 days. March, April and May are considered the driest months of the years with very few rains.

Cable TV: There is one cable TV company with three channels.

Newspaper: You may buy two newspapers in this town, La Prensa and Nuestro Diario.

Electricity: 110 Volts AC, Hz (No industrial capacity).

Pharmacies: Two private pharmacies in town.

Banks: One bank, BANRURAL.

Hotels: Two hotels, one with a pool.

Population: 90,322

Composition of population: 84.6% K’echi, Quiche and Achi, 15.4 non Mayan.

Major crops:  Coffee and Cardamom


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The road to its paved!

Paving the road towards Chisec

A panoramic view of the main park in Chisec

The Park of Chisec

Stores in Chisec

Q'uechi girls


Stores in Chisec

Construction of the new Municipality Palace

Buying in a small store

Customers....check out the market

The old Municipality of Chisec

Used clothes stand in front of the park


Q'uechi women

The Acting Mayor of Chisec

Visiting the Mayor of Chisec

Colleagues leaving the Municipality

The main highway in Chisec

Meeting with leaders of the community.

Kelly (Peace Corps Volunteer) organized the meeting with the community

Mother and daughter

Q'uechi woman carrying water

Swamps on the road to Lachua

Swamps on the road to Lachua

Swamps on the road to Lachua

River on the road to Lachua

River on the road to Lachua

River on the road to Lachua

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